How To Choose A Halloween Costume


IT’S OCTOBER! And that means spooky time A.K.A. Halloween time! If you really like Halloween, chances are you’re looking for a Halloween costume.

Regardless, for those who are still in search of a costume, this is a small guide on how to choose a Halloween costume! Hopefully by the end of this article you won’t show up on Halloween with a cheap, culturally insensitive Party City costume!

Usually- for some- the hardest part of a Halloween costume is just figuring out what you want to be!

A way that a lot of people do their Halloween costumes is taking something and putting a spin on it. I remember I once saw someone who went as ‘Little Red Riding Hood after the wolf ate her’. I thought it was pretty clever and all she had to do was rip up a red riding hood costume and add some fake blood!

Making a Halloween costume based on an inside joke or a play on words always ensures at least an interesting-to-look-at costume! Even making up some wild combination like steampunk-fairy will make for an amazing costume! The best part of Halloween is you can just go wild with it!

In my experience, don’t go shopping for costumes at costume places like Party City or Spirit. The costumes you can buy there are usually cheaply made and not worth the price tag (and, sometimes, somewhat culturally insensitive).

It’s better in general to go to a thrift or consignment store, because you will get better quality clothing for a much lower price. You never quite know what you’ll find there!

Savers is a great place to shop, because around Halloween they sell accessories that you can use to make any other outfit instantly into a costume!

For example: get a colorful top hat, hot glue some bunny ears on it and get a colorfully patterned vest with an equally colorful pair of pants and shirt and some black boots. BOOM. The White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland.

Or, grab a white long prom dress, some gold accessories + some flowers as accents and you’re a Greek goddess!

You can makeup up literally thousands of different costume variations at thrift and consignment stores. Or if you really want, you can even have your costume be your makeup.

Get a somewhat simple outfit and do your makeup to the gods. The most popular one that I see is doing a pop-art/comic book look. You can literally type that into Google and you’ll find tons of looks like that. Then just dress like you’re from the fifties and do your hair and boom! You’re done!

And of course, go shopping in your own closet. You’ll be really surprised as to what you can find in your own closet for the low, low price of nothing! You can make tons of costumes by getting ‘bases’ in the same color and then adding accessories.

One year I didn’t have my Halloween costume ready for Fright Night so I pulled out a black and white striped shirt with a pair of black leggings, a pair of black ankle boots and a black jacket and tied a piece of black tulle around my neck. I drew on some black stitches around my mouth and I went as Jack Skellington. I had everything for that costume in my closet already!

I hope this article can help in finding and making your Halloween costumes this year! And if at the end of the day you just think it’s too much hassle, well, put on a good movie with some candy and cider.

Happy Halloween!

-Maya Dalal