As I am sure many of you know How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World hit theaters on February 22nd. This is the end to the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. It was a very emotion-filled experience. This article will contain spoilers, starting in the next sentence.

The movie goes something like this. Hiccup discovers a Light Fury, another type of Fury (night fury=Toothless), and Toothless falls in love. Hiccup remembers a place his father used to talk about, called “The Hidden World.” He starts researching because he believes the answer to safety lies in the reason why Berk disappeared there. His plans are interrupted by the dragon hunter, Grimmel. He wants to kill the last of the Furys. In the end, Hiccup realizes he has to let Toothless go to the hidden world with his girlfriend. He has a back wing that doesn’t need Hiccup. At the very end we see Hiccup and Astrid get married, and then we cut to them with kids and they meet up with Toothless, his light fury, and their three kids (night-lights). They all go flying; Stormfly even shows up, and Astrid flies on her. I really enjoyed this movie. I think that throughout this trilogy the movies have managed to stay at the same level of awesomeness, which is really impressive because it is really hard to do that. This movie even made me cry, which isn’t something that many movies do. There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like about this movie. It truly was visually stunning, and it had an amazing story. This was an amazing end to the How to Train Your Dragon saga. It was just a really great movie experience, and I would recommend this movie to everyone.