Get your old books, games, clothes, shoes, toys, household supplies, and anything else you want to get rid of, and donate to the MSA Garage Sale! As spring draws nearer, the president and vice president (Gabi Townsend and Breanne Pundsack, respectively) of Earth Club have a lot to do to prepare for this annual event. By selling everything from bikes to apparel at low prices, the Earth Club is planning to raise money to donate to a local animal shelter. Every year the money goes towards a good cause representing the values of Earth Club. Last year, the club donated the profits to the World Wildlife Fund, helping protect the endangered Amur Leopard and Sumatran Rhino. By opening up sales to the MSA and Woodbury community, lots of people can make a difference by purchasing and donating items! It’s amazing to see the impact one group of hardworking people can do.

Preparations for the garage sale are already well underway, as the event takes place on May 10th and 11th. If you have anything you would like to donate to the sale, Earth Club is accepting donations from Monday, April 29th to Wednesday, May 8th from 8:45 to 9:00 A.M. Stop by the school and drop off whatever you can! Another important date to get on your calendar is the garage sale itself, which takes place on Friday, May 10th right after school from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M., and Saturday, May 11 from 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. If you want the first pick of the sale, arrive on Friday when the sale if only open to MSA shoppers. On Saturday, it opens to the public. The garage sale will be held in the Building B Gym, and there will be a Book Fair with used, donated books as well!

In addition to these efforts, the club regularly works on projects like helping with the school grounds clean-ups, hanging up bird-feeder pine cones, and even planning an advisory lesson! According to Gabi and Breanne, the club recently made “pine cones with bird food” and “hung [them] up around the school.” They think the birds have been feeding off of them. Another plan is underway to make a lesson for advisory for both the middle and high schoolers to “inform everyone about how the world is changing and what you can do to help.” The club also is weekly in charge of composting. There are buckets in every building, so if you have any banana peels, apple cores, or other compostable materials, be sure to compost them! This year, Gabi and Breanne have also been considering starting another big project for the club. They have been looking into adopting a park in Woodbury for next school year. This means “Earth Club would be responsible for cleaning up the park once a month,” doing things like picking up litter, reporting vandalism, and keeping an eye out for broken equipment to alert the city if they need to fix anything. With several of these events, Earth Club wants to open the opportunities up to more of the student population.  Be on the lookout for these and other projects coming up!

Overall, the focus of Earth Club is to maintain and foster awareness for the responsibility we each have as citizens to care for our earth. Gabi and Breanne work hard to make sure it is an “inclusive club” that “takes into account everyone’s opinions and ideas.” Along with all the hard work that goes into the club, it is also “very rewarding” and fun. If you are looking for an interactive and creative activity, give Earth Club a try! They meet every Friday morning at 8:00 in Mrs. Heydt-Nelson’s room in Building A. It won’t disappoint!