Luka sat in the Hufflepuff common room, his nose deep in a book. There was a big potions test coming up and he needed to cram every little bit of knowledge into his head.

He wasn’t really taking in any of the information that he was reading because he was very distracted. He was trying to understand how he got magical powers if no one in his family had magical powers. He decided to write a letter to his family about it.

“Dear mom and dad,

I was wondering were my magic comes from. Do you know?



He ran up to the Owlery. He wanted to get his letter sent as quickly as possible. He found a strong barn owl- because his family lives very far away- and they can fly long distances. He was hoping that his parents wouldn’t freak out when the owl came to their house. Then he remembered he was supposed to be studying as he had told Professor McGonagall he would, because they were practicing something he already knew how to do.

Filch found him trying to leave the Owlery. Filch proceeded to take Luka downstairs to Professor McGonagall, who was teaching Transfiguration. Professor McGonagall was very mad.

Filch asked,

“What should I do with him? I found him sending a letter from the Owlery.”

McGonagall replied, “I will take care of it, Filch. Class, you are dismissed. Don’t forget to practice turning mice into teacups. Luka Nightworld, why were you up in the Owlery?”

Luka responded, “I was sending a letter to my parents. I want to know why I’m here. I’m a muggle.”

“Perhaps we should go up to my office and talk,” replied Professor McGonagall. So they started their way up. Harry Potter was visiting that day in defence against the dark arts to teach. Professor McGonagall told him to come with her because he could help explain something. They got to the gargoyle, who guards the entrance to the headmaster’s/headmistress’s office. Professor McGonagall said “Urquart” which was the password for the office. The three of them went up the spiral staircase.

It wasn’t very long before they were all in her office. Harry was surprised that the strange instruments were still in the office, as he had been up here many times when Professor Dumbledore had been headmaster. He also noticed that the pensive was still in its usual spot. He figure that Professor McGonagall didn’t want to get rid of these things.

“Why did I need to come with?” asked Harry.

McGonagall responded, almost as if she knew he was going to ask, “Luka Nighworl was raised by muggles. He was starting to wonder where his magical ability came from.”

“Also, in case this helps at all, my parents told me I am adopted,” added Luka.

Professor McGonagall went on,

“I thought that since you were here you might like to explain this one yourself.” There is silence and then Harry realized what she is referring.

He starts talking with a comforting voice, “I found you one day on my door stoop. You were just a baby. My wife, Ginny, said we didn’t need anything else on our hands since we had two little boys of our own. I knew this muggle family who would take very good care of you. I stayed in contact with them so they could ask any questions they needed. This is because young wizards and witches can do some pretty powerful magic because they don’t have control of it.”

Luka interrupted him,“Wait so you are saying that you just found me on your step one morning as a baby?”

Harry continued,”Yes. That is what happened. I assumed your family must have been on the run from someone or something and left you there because they knew you would be safe with me.”

“Do you know who my biological parents are?” Luka asked.

Harry responded,”I wish I knew, and I am sorry. I don’t know who  your parents are.”

They sat there for a while because Luka had a lot of questions. Harry had some answers, but not all of them.

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