The first game of quidditch was finally here. It was early November and the whole school was headed down to the pitch. As they were walking,  Mimi and her brother were chatting.

“Just because I’m smart and in Ravenclaw doesn’t mean that I can’t be athletic,” argued Mimi. Scott came back with: “Yeah, sure. Give me one example of a famous wizard or witch who is athletic and from Ravenclaw.” “What about Cho Chang,” said Mimi, “or Roger Davies.”

They were now getting very close, so Mimi and Scott had to go in  different directions to get into their prep rooms. She met all the other Ravenclaw players, while Scott met with the other Hufflepuff players. The Ravenclaws were all still getting into their quidditch robes. Meanwhile in the Hufflepuff prep room, they were all dressed and were getting hyped going over their game plan.

It was now time for the game to start. The Ravenclaws were still a little worried but the Hufflepuffs were all ready to crush them. They came out onto the field and took off as Madam Hooch called their names.

“On the Ravenclaw team we have Coalthorn,Hopehart, Hopehart, Lochwind, Meadowluck, and Brave. And on the Hufflepuff team we have Meadowluck, Westwood, Skylink, Pennen, Coalthorn, Rosewell, and Lucks .”

They waited in a circle above the center. They were waiting for the balls to be released the Keepers were ready to go off to their goal when the time came and the Seekers were much higher than the other players making sure they could see everything.

Madam hooch released the ball and the game was on. The Beaters were making sure their teammates didn’t get hit with the flying balls of iron, called blugers. The Chasers were fighting over the quaffle trying to score points, but rather unsuccessfully because the other team kept taking it- and because the Keepers were very good at blocking the goals.

Griffin, who was sitting in the stands had noticed that Catherine had been bumped very hard and was spinning out of control. She was strangely headed right for him. Mimi had also noticed this oddity from her post guarding the Ravenclaw goals. Even Tommy, Catherine’s older brother, had had noticed.

“Catherine must have really good reflexes,” said the announcer, “because she was going to hit Griffin but managed to angle downward into the ground instead.” While she was being taken to the hospital wing, the Ravenclaws realized they had one more Chaser than the Hufflepuffs.

The announcer had noticed something else, “The seekers are hot on the trail of the snitch. The score is Ravenclaw 60 to Hufflepuff 30. The Chasers are nearing the Ravenclaw goal and the Quaffle goes through! Hufflepuff get 10 points. One of the Bludgers is headed for Mimi Meadowluck, hit by her own brother. I hope she can dodge it. She is nearly hit but successfully dodges the Bulger.”

The seekers were getting very close to the Snitch. The announcer noticed this, “The Seekers are battling it out. Hufflepuff has the Snitch! Hufflepuff wins! The final score is Hufflepuff 190 to Ravenclaw 60.”

After the game, and avoiding her bragging brother, Mimi went to the Hospital Wing to check on Catherine.

“Hey,” Mimi smiled as she entered, “your house won.”

Catherine nodded. “I’ve heard. My brother was just in here.”

Mimi smiled. The two talked for a bit before Mimi had to head back to her common room. As she left, she bumped into Griffin. She raised an eyebrow. “You came to see Catherine?”

“Yea? Is that a crime?” Griffin scoffed.

Mimi chuckled. “I never thought a pureblood Slytherin like you would care for a muggle born Hufflepuff ,” she teased.

Griffin glared at her. “Those mud bloods are not my type,” he sneered, “can’t I just be nice for once.”

“Oh, she isn’t your girlfriend?” Mimi teased some more.

Griffin had enough. “You keep teasing me, you’re gonna get it!” He shoved passed Mimi before going to see Catherine.

Mimi was a bit startled and scared. Maybe it was a bad idea to tease Griffin like that. She just hurried back to her common room.