MSA Spring Concert       

The MSA Spring Concert is coming up!  Look forward to the MSA Spring Concert on May 2nd, in the building B gym.  The Spring Concert will feature the Symphony orchestra, String orchestra, Concert band, choir, and more. The students have practiced very hard awaiting the concert.  On a sad note, our favorite musical and performing arts teacher, Mr. Shelton, is retiring. So on behalf of Mr. Shelton’s last spring concert, I bring to you, an interview!

1. What will you hope to show the audience with this last concert of yours?

The quality of the entire program, from the earliest stages to the latest, in terms of quality and quantity.

2. What do you want your MSA legacy to be?

A legacy of hard work, entertainment, excitement, meeting and understanding of challenges and the growth that can result.  Above all, it would be great to have knowledgeable students and appreciative audience members for a lifetime.

3. When did you begin teaching, and why?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  I found that I didn’t have the temperament for a concert soloist (or the desire).  However, I’m always entertained by what I encounter in the classroom. It’s always an experience and I always learn something new about people and myself.

4. Why did you think it was important for students to learn music, and pursue in the musical arts?

I’ve never been one to expect that my students will pursue a career in the arts, although I have had a number of them go on to become performers in different areas of the arts, but I have insisted that they were armed with the necessities to cope with an appreciation for the arts.  When they experience a concert or theater production or just hearing a band in the park, I would like for them to know what they’re listening to and why they’re enjoying it.

5. What has been your favorite part of your teaching career at MSA?

Being allowed to share in my students’ lives.

6. Are you happy so far with what you’ve achieved as being a teacher?

I am extremely happy with what we’ve developed in the Performing Arts at MSA.  We’ve developed SO many new ensembles and approaches to the performing arts. It’s been exciting to see everything begin, develop, and continue to grow.

7. Will you miss your students and the school after retirement?

I will miss all of them, terribly.  I think they know that they will always have a place in my heart and mind.  I’ve helped to raise so many really fantastic human beings. It will be wonderful to watch them grow in their unique personalities and abilities.  I hope that I can stay in contact with all of them. And, I have to say that, having worked in a number of public, private, and charter situations, that I’ve been at MSA for as long as I have because of my colleagues and administration.  Together with the kids, educationally, I’ve been in “the best of all possible worlds.” And I thank them all for the experience

Come see the last MSA concert with Mr. Shelton before it’s too late!  On May 2nd in the building B gym.

*I would like to thank Mr. Shelton for agreeing to do this interview with me*

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