By Bella Trinko and Alaina Inouye

Valentine´s day started as a Roman festival known as Lupercalia. The festival consisted of sacrificing a goat and a dog. Then, the hides would be cut into strips and dipped in blood. After that, women would line up and be slapped by the hides.  Womens´ names would then be put in a jar and men would draw their names. The couples would be together for the rest of the festival, normally ending in marriage.

Later, the Catholic church changed the holiday and renamed it after Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine’s history is very murky but here is what we think happened.

Saint Valentine was probably born in 226 AD in Terni, Italy. The ruler of Italy declared that soldiers could not marry or have families because it made them less willing to die. But Saint Valentine helped people get married so he was thrown in jail. There, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter who was blind. He healed her of her blindness before he was executed.

Everyone, please keep in mind that this is just a myth and we don’t really know for sure what happened to Saint Valentine. I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you for reading.