Griffin had left his common room, which was in the dungeons, so it would take a while to get up to the seventh floor. He groaned and walked up the stairs.

Also in the dungeons was Catherine. The Hufflepuff common room was near the kitchens in the dungeon. She was not feeling great about climbing those stairs either.

She left about ten minutes after they got back from dinner, and Griffin had gone up five minutes before that.

Eventually, they were both up on the seventh floor. Before Catherine got there, Griffin had located the area of wall where the door should appear.

Catherine then arrived. “Hi,” she smiled.

Griffin just snorted in greeting. He found the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy teaching trolls ballet, because he knew that the room was opposite this tapestry.

“We need to walk past this area three times while thinking about what we need.” said Griffin. They did so, and the door did appear. They went in and were amazed. It had all of the potion ingredients they could ever need and it was very, very large; they could practice flying. There were also two brooms and a box of quidditch gear in the corner.

Catherine was about to head to the potions when Griffin stopped her. “Flying first!” yelled Griffin. He handed Catherine a broom before grabbing the other. First they practiced simple circles while holding the quaffle. Then they practiced circles and throwing it to each other.

Catherine smiled. She liked seeing this kind of spirit in Griffin: a playful, caring one. It was far unlike the boastful, arrogant, cold spirit he always had on.

Griffin felt something different. He felt like a kid again. His brother used to let him ride on his broom, sometimes even fly it. He couldn’t keep the feeling for long enough.

Catherine ended up falling off her broom. She was ready to hit the ground when someone grabbed her. She looked up to see Griffin hanging upside down from his broom. His breath was heavy as he lowered the brunette to the ground.

“You okay?” Griffin asked. He flipped right side up and landed.

Catherine nodded. She was still a bit shaken up. “Let’s go over to the potions,” she suggested “We will start with a simple Cure for Boils.”

They got the ingredients and started to put them into the cauldron and stir them together, but eventually it blew up.

Catherine corrected him by saying “No, you have to crush the snake fangs first and then put them in the cauldron.”

Griffin nodded. He had trouble grinding the fangs but soon got it done. Then she continued to critique him and eventually they made the Cure for Boils together.

They felt something between them, a tension. They decided they should go back to their common rooms. They decided to go down together. They got down without running into anyone.

Griffin made sure Catherine got back in without being spotted. Then he went back into Slytherin common room. They were both really tired, so they went to sleep almost immediately.