Whether you’re trying to get revenge or you’re really into the Christmas spirit, these tricks will be perfect for whatever mischief you are planning this season.

  1. Wrap a gift card in a very, very large box

Maybe add a few rocks or heavy books to weigh it down a little more. Make sure you record a video to catch their reaction!

2. Keep an eager kid from sprinting to the Christmas tree

Fill up some plastic cups with water and place them all over the floor of a person’s room. They won’t be able to get to the tree fast enough.

3. A wrapped Christmas breakfast

Just note that you most likely will not receive much breakfast once everything gets unwrapped…Or any at all.

4. “Batteries ARE Included—Gift is NOT”

This prank is perfect for those who hate when batteries are not included in their gift. This year, why not give them what they want?

5. Home is the best gift

What a wonderful Christmas morning surprise for your neighbors and the house owner! Stock up on dollar store wrapping paper before it’s too late! Recommended only for those who are determined and not afraid of getting kicked out of the house. Modified version: wrap only the front door.